Workshop hei_INNOVATION: Entrepreneurship for Starters

Workshop hei_INNOVATION: "Entrepreneurship for Starters"

Speakers: Amina Daca und Julia Piechotta

28.04.2021 14:30 - 17:00 Uhr 

​Language: English

Platform: Zoom

Participants: max. 25

Everybody is talking about the topic of “innovation”. An innovation, however, only manifests itself, if something new has successfully been established on the market. The innovation starts with an idea – an idea that solves a problem or fulfils a need, and at the same time closes a market gap.

This year’s workshop is conceptualized and led by the hei_INNOVATION team of Heidelberg University. It looks at how the ideas mentioned above can be developed into an innovative business model and shows which techniques are helpful to do so. In this workshop, participants will not only gain insight into the basics of entrepreneurship, but also get deeper knowledge about the question of how to create a true innovation.

Themes and techniques like Design Thinking, the Business Model Canvas and creating a persona are important buzzwords in this context, while participants will also do such fun things like “Kill your company” and finally go through a pitch training that will help them to convince investors in the future.

The workshop is suited for everybody who is interested in entrepreneurship and innovation and does not require any pre-existing knowledge in this field.

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