Club life

Club meetings

The BioContact  e.V. organizes its meetings every two weeks in the seminar room of the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ). These evenings allow all members to exchange ideas, collaborate, and stay updated.

The evening starts in a relaxed manner with a shared dinner, often with pizza. This opportunity is used to get to know each other better, engage in personal conversations, and network across different working groups.

Following this casual start, we focus on the main agenda points. Here, teams present their progress, focusing on the preparation of the job fair CONTACT. Topics such as design concepts, potential promotional gifts, and strategies for business outreach are discussed.

After discussing all agenda items, there's space for further discussions – accompanied by a few drinks.

Overall, the meetings are entertaining and efficient, and offer plenty of opportunities for networking among colleagues and other members.

Alumni get-together

Every month we meet with our alumni in a relaxed atmosphere. You can find out more on the alumni page.

After-fair party (16.05.2024)

As a fitting conclusion to every successful CONTACT job fair, an "after-fair party" is held every season. This year we celebrated the end of the season at the rooftop bar "Schilling" with cocktails, snacks and a view over entire Heidelberg!

Open house day (20.03.2024)

We are constantly trying to improve the association and ourselves and are therefore always testing new ideas and formats. A brand new event this season was an "open house day" where interested people could get early insights into the life of the association and, if they were interested, help us out on the day of the fair before joining the association.

End-of-acquisition event (08.02.2024)

To celebrate the successful company acquisition for our CONTACT job fair, we organize a so-called "End of Acquisition Event" every year. This season, we played an interactive murder mystery game with snacks and drinks, where we were not only able to put our detective skills and teamwork to the test, but also get to know each other better.

Internal training with McKinsey (25.01.2024)

At the beginning of 2024, we organized an internal training course with McKinsey in which we were able to shed a little more light on the topic of “agile working”.

During the evening, we learned a lot about the types and effects of agile working such as Scrum, Kanban and Lean and tested different roles using a practical model as an example.

We planned and opened a restaurant in several “sprints”. This left a lot of room for creativity and fun and we experienced some of the advantages and limitations in an exemplary way.

All participants had a fulfilling evening and left with another toolbox in their luggage. We are already looking forward to the next internal training course!

Christmas party (04.12.2023)

As a conclusion to the successful year of 2023, our association's Christmas celebration took place on December 4th at Pier4 in Heidelberg. Starting with a mulled wine reception in the picturesque setting right on the Neckar River, members were immersed in the festive atmosphere of the evening. The board took the opportunity to express gratitude to everyone for their dedicated participation throughout the past year. Additionally, attendees were delighted to receive Christmas gifts in the form of BioContact lunch boxes and mugs.

Subsequently, the festive Christmas buffet was enjoyed, followed by a lively round of "Schrottwichteln" (a game where participants exchange humorous and quirky second-hand items). Alongside kitchen scales, broken umbrellas, and books, participants also vied for unique ties and egg timers. The Christmas celebration at Pier4 will undoubtedly be remembered as a wonderful year-end event in BioContact's association calendar. We are already looking forward to upcoming challenges in the new year and express our heartfelt thanks to all members and supporters for the successful year 2023!

Wine tasting at the Schriesheim winegrowers' cooperative (22.11.2023)

On November 22, the team leaders of BioContact e.V. met in a beautiful vaulted cellar in Schriesheim to take part in a wine tasting conducted by Winzergenossenschaft eG Schriesheim. The evening began ceremoniously with a champagne reception and a delicious onion tart.

We were guided through this cheerful evening with excellent expertise and learned a lot about the cultivation of vineyards on steep slopes, the effect of the type of soil on the taste of wine, the marketing of wines and the creation of a recognizable brand, and the current challenges that the winegrowers in Schriesheim and the surrounding area are facing. Each of our questions was answered in detail and we were impressed by the cooperation with the comedian Bülent Ceylan. We were able to taste eight excellent wines from different grape varieties, which covered a wide range of tastes from sour to aromatic and from dry to sweet.

The pleasant atmosphere of the evening contributed to a lively exchange between our team leaders. Many thanks to Lina for the great organization of this evening, which we will happily remember.

Project management course with HOX Life Science GmbH (November 2023?)

Thanks to the collaboration with HOX Life Science GmbH, the group of team leaders was able to participate in the specialized project management course. The project management course was tailored to life science professionals and joining the course has been an enlightening experience. Adapted into five sessions from its original ten, the condensed format efficiently covers crucial aspects essential for navigating projects in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Each session provides practical exercises to deal with real-case scenarios, ensuring active engagement and providing relevant insights into the life of a project manager.

A standout aspect of the course is the utilisation of MS Project, a powerful project management software. From creating project plans to tracking progress and managing resources, MS Project played a pivotal role in our learning journey. Its integration enhances our understanding of project management principles and equips us with valuable skills applicable to real-life projects.

Overall, participating in this course has been invaluable, offering a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical applications tailored specifically to life science professionals like ourselves. Thanks to Dr. Morna Gruber and Dr. Marta Lee for making the learning journey exciting and providing us with hands-on exercises that helped us to understand project management on a different level.

Club event in the escape room (08.11.2023)

On November 8th, many of the newly assembled BioContact members gathered for an exciting meet-and-greet event that took us to the Escape Room Mannheim. The goal of the evening was not only to solve puzzles using creativity and logical thinking but also to promote teamwork and communication. In elaborately decorated rooms like 'Illuminati' or 'Dracula,' small groups tackled challenging mental tasks. After all teams, more or less narrowly, successfully escaped their rooms within an hour, the evening continued with a relaxed drink. Engaging in lively discussions about the puzzles and rooms played, the group then collectively headed back to Heidelberg. 

The Escape Room event in Mannheim will undoubtedly be remembered as a successful team-building evening and sets the stage for many more shared experiences to come!

Get-together (August 2023)

Both introductory meetings of the BioContact e.V. took place in August. These informal get-togethers were the perfect opportunity for potential members, interested in project management and event organization, to learn more about the club over snacks and drinks. As all teams were represented by at least one member, people had the chance to get an impression about what happens in each team and subsequently decide which activity would suit them best. This event is also great for getting to know the people behind BioContact e.V. These events contributed to the fact that around 15 people decided to become a new member of BioContact e.V.

Drachenbootrennen (01.07.2023)

In the activities of our life-science-centric club, there's a tradition that breaks the monotony and adds a dash of excitement to our routine – the annual Dragon Boat Competition. More than just a race, it's a strategic blend of team bonding and a festive way to mark the end of our yearly endeavors.

Imagine a picturesque river setting, a dragon boat waiting, and a group of life-science enthusiasts ready to make waves. The competition, in essence, is a departure from our usual lab-centric environment. It's an opportunity to synchronize movements, paddle in harmony, and experience the collective spirit of our diverse team.

What makes this tradition stand out is its power to unite individuals from varied scientific backgrounds. By day, we are researchers, but during the dragon boat event, we become a cohesive force navigating the waters together. The dragon boat competition isn't merely a physical challenge; it symbolizes the collaborative nature of scientific exploration. Just as we paddle in unison to move forward, we also collaborate in the laboratory to unravel the complexities of life.

But the dragon boat competition is not just about winning; it's about building connections, fostering teamwork, and celebrating the end of a successful season with the job fair CONTACT as the highlight.

We cordially invite all other life science enthusiasts who are also interested in project management and event organization and want to build a bridge between science and industry to become part of our association. In addition to social events such as the dragon boat race, we organize a variety of professional events that allow us to get in touch with companies. Together, we want to make potential career paths in the life sciences more transparent and showcase a wide range of professional opportunities at our events. We invite you to embark on this journey with us! Click here to find out how to become a member!