Teams and Members 2023/2024

The volunteer members of BioContact e.V. are already busy preparing the job fair CONTACT2024. For more information on our teams and their responsibilities, please scroll down.

Back row (left to right): Karolin Stumpf, Stephanie Preuß, Liesa-Marie Pilger, Panna Lajer, Lisa Strotmann, Anna Schrattel, Magdalena Pajonk, Laura von Soosten, Valerie Griesche, Lena Schorr, Michaela Schmitt

Front row (left to right): Lina-Marie Wagner, Robin Weinmann, Stefan Schmidt, Ivana Karabogdan, Christina Stengl, Emma Koeleman, Anna Riedel, Janina Müller, Luisa Schwarzmüller, George Philippos, Caroline Lohoff, Jaime Fernandez Sobaberas

Other members: Alessia Cais, Aline Reuter, Barbara Betz, Kathleen Schlüter, Nadine Winkler, Robert Engel, Saskia Tauch

Club teams

You can read about the individual teams below.

The board of BioContact e.V is in charge of the overall organization of our association and the coordination of our individual teams. To do so, our board consists of: The 1st and 2nd chairman, the treasurer, the secretary and the acquisition manager. The latter has a special role, as she oversees the recruitment of interesting companies, which present themselves at our job fair CONTACT2024 in April.If you want to be kept up to date about upcoming events, just follow us on our social media channels!


The Alumni team maintains contact between active and former members of BioContacte.V.. This important task enables the valuable exchange of experiences and is achieved by organizing joint events. Through the experiences and careers of our alumni, the alumni team can always pass on exciting and personal insights into the various career paths of our former members. These insights help to shape one's own career in a self-determined way.

In addition to our annual job fair, we organize smaller events, the so called "In Contact with" lecture series. Here, different companies from the life science industry present themselves and give deep insights into possible career paths for scientists. The organization and recruitment of the speakers and companies of our "ICWs" are organized by the advanced training team. In addition, members of this team organize the complete lecture program and workshops at our job fair, CONTACT2024.
If you want to be kept up to date about upcoming events, just follow us on our social media channels!


Besides planning and coordinating the course of our CONTACT2024, our EMO team also organizes exciting internal events for our association members. This year, for example, we will again be able to hold social events and our Christmas party. Furthermore, our EMO team provides sufficient catering for the participants during our association meetings and our events.

Through the elaborate design of our logos, posters, flyers, and web ads, the G&D team shapes our entire external appearance, such as at seminars, our job fair, the CONTACT2024, but also online. In addition, the entire trade fair catalog and promotional films are created by members of the team, helping us to show real and virtual presence.

We organize advertising campaigns for our association BioContact e.V. and carry them out with the help of other teams. With the "Graphic & Design" team we are looking for promotional goodies for our association and thus advertise our job fair, the CONTACT2024, among other things. We also achieve this with the help of advertising partners, with whose support we make our CONTACT2024 known. In addition, we inform you via posters, flyers, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn about news from the association and current events such as the "In Contact with" lecture series.

This team manages our entire homepage, creates new content, and posts information about current "In Contact with" events or the job fair CONTACT2024. It also takes care of all other IT-related tasks that arise. This includes the generation of registration forms, IT support during events, but also the administration of our internal email accounts and servers.