Workshop FIVE1: Everyday life as an IT consultant

Workshop FIVE1: "Everyday life as an IT consultant - How do I get a project from paper to client?"

Speaker: Anna Schwarz & Hector Hiss

28.04.2021 12:30 - 14:30 Uhr 

​Language: English

Platform: Zoom

Participants: max. 10

What do IT consultants actually do? And what does a typical project in this profession look like? We want to address these and other questions together with you in this workshop!
Based on a real project of one of our customers, we want to show you what everyday life in this field of work can look like and go through the necessary steps together with you to lead a project to success. In this interactive workshop, we will show you how we were able to help a customer to map his highly networked data in a performant way and illuminate the technical details from all sides.

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