Job fair preparation

Prior to visiting the CONTACT, make sure you are well-prepared. Our little guide provides tricks on how to make a good impression on potential employers and what you should do in advance.

Need additional help? Feel free to participate in our job fair preparation courses. A list of this year’s courses and the registration can be found here.

Identify your goals and check out companies

Check out our CONTACT2019 website and the fair catalogue to see which companies will participate. Our profiles of them will provide you with more detailed facts and figures. You may also want to check the websites of those companies and their social media channels.

Before approaching a company representative think about what you expect from a conversation with him/her. Do you want to find out more about the company’s philosophy? Are you planning to write a graduation thesis? Or would you like to apply for an internship? Your preparation for your conversation should match your goals.

Pick the companies you would like to contact

In order to make your day at the job fair a success consider determining five companies you definitely would like to contact. Then start with the “least interesting” one and “chart” your way up to your number one enterprise. By then, you will have gathered enough conversation practice to leave a good impression. You will know what to expect, how to answer certain questions, and also what you should ask in return.

To rock your interview, make sure to do a bit of upfront research on your preferred employer! Find out about their present financial situation, new products to be launched and if their mantras match your own values. Have a look at our company profiles, their websites or even business journals to get a detailed impression.

Present yourself with confidence

Bring a sufficient number of CV copies to the fair, at least one for each company you plan to contact. Try to find out the correct contact person and directly address him/her in your cover letter prior to making contact. Your application files are your portfolio during the job fair, so make sure they are pitch-perfect.

We recommend dressing in a business-casual way for your fair visit in order to feel sufficiently comfortable while making a professional impression on potential employers. Any shirt or blouse in a quiet colour combined with cotton or chino trousers will surely do. Women may also wear knee-length skirts.

Start a smart conversation

Look for an available company representative and introduce yourself with your name, education and your concerns. Be enthusiastic about their company all while trying to avoid hollow phrases. Try steering the conversation towards your previous experiences, which might be relevant for the company. Also ask questions! Asking smart questions at the right point in time will earn you some extra points.

Follow up your contacts

Make notes after each conversation you had: company details you learned, your personal impression. Make sure to remember how you closed the conversation: did you promise to send some extra documents or to call them? If you were lucky to obtain the personal contact details of the company representative use them for sending an email stating how interesting you found the chat and how you would like to stay in contact. If you don’t get an answer within a couple of weeks, you may also call them.

Good luck!