CONTACT24 – Program

In addition to numerous exhibition stands, CONTACT2024 offers visitors the opportunity to find out about the various aspects of starting a career, career opportunities and prospects in the life sciences sector with a varied programme of presentations. The participating companies will present their firms in quarter-hour or half-hour presentations.

All presentations will be held in English, except for those marked with a flag .

Ground Floor / Stage 1

First Floor / Stage 2

Panel discussion

This year, we are offering a stimulating panel discussion at CONTACT2024. The discussion will take place from 16:00 - 17:30 on Stage I. The language of the discussion will be English and the topic will be:

Hire for Attitude, Train for Skills.
What is more important - previous job experience or inherent attitude?

In the dynamic landscape of today‘s workforce, the question arises: What holds more value, previous job experience or inherent attitude? This panel discussion explores the transformative philosophy of “Hire for Attitude, Train for Skills“, advocating for a shift in hiring practices that prioritizes the potential and mindset of candidates alongside their technical abilities.

Join our panel discussion where we interview representatives from the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. We will explore strategies for identifying and developing talent that can navigate the complexities of the modern workplace, foster a culture of continuous learning and drive organizational success.

Get the answers you are looking for in our panel discussion with representatives of:

Catenion, CordenPharma, Roche, Sanofi, Sciomics and Scitaris

These speakers will represent the companies on stage:

  • Catenion Dr. David Puga
  • CordenPharma Karlheinz Kelsch
  • Roche to be announced
  • Sanofi Katrin Köhler
  • Sciomics Dr. Ronny Schmidt
  • Scitaris Dr. Sarah Oelsner

Do not miss these exceptional insights for your career and visit our panel discussion at the CONTACT2024.