CONTACT23 – Directions

On foot from the rail main station (Hauptbahnhof)

Duration of foot walk from main station to DKFZ main building is approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Take the northern exit and cross “Kurfürsten-Anlage”. Continue in northern direction along “Mittermaierstraße” which will cross the Neckar river. Approximately 100 meters after having crossed the river turn left into “Jahnstraße” and follow the street until reaching the clinical campus checkpoint on the left hand side. Pass the boom gate and follow “Kirschnerstraße” for approximately 200 meters to the main entrance of the DKFZ on the right hand side. The entrance to the DKFZ Communication Center (Kommunikationszentrum) is situated on the left of the DKFZ main entrance.

Public transport

You can easily reach the CONTACT2019 venue by public transport with RNV buses and trams. Bus line 32 to “Neuenheimer Feld – Kopfklinik” stops at “Chirurgische Klinik” which is located a minute’s walk down the street from the DKFZ main entrance. Tram lines 21 or 24 both stop at the station “Jahnstraße”. From there, it is a five minutes’ walk (see map “on foot from the rail main station”).

By car

Parking space is very limited on the Neuenheimer Feld campus. We recommend using public transport instead. 

Via A5

On the A5 at interchange “Autobahnkreuz Heidelberg”, merge onto the A656 towards Heidelberg.

Via A6

On the A6 at interchange “Autobahnkreuz Mannheim”, merge onto the A656 towards Heidelberg.

Via A656 from Mannheim

In Mannheim, take the A656 towards Heidelberg. At the end of the Autobahn, merge onto the left lane. Follow signs to “Eberbach/HD-Wieblingen/Chirurgie” turning left at the first traffic light and right at the second one directly afterwards. When passing under the Neckar bridge merge onto the right lane and subsequently turn right twice following signs to “Chirurgie/DKFZ”. After having crossed the Neckar river turn left into “Jahnstraße” and follow signs to “Chirurgie/DKFZ”.

Via B3 from the North (Darmstadt)

Having entered Heidelberg from the north travel about 1 kilometer in southern direction and then merge onto the right lane leading into “Berlinerstraße”. Follow signs to “Chirurgie/DKFZ”. At the intersection “Berlinerstraße” / “Mönchhofstraße” (Shell petrol station to the left hand side) turn right into “Mönchhofstraße” and left at the next traffic light into “Im Neuenheimer Feld”.

Via B3 from the South (Leimen/Wiesloch)

Travel in northern direction on B3 and follow signs to the main rail station (Hauptbahnhof). Pass rail station on “Lessingstraße/Mittermaierstraße”. Having crossed the Neckar river turn left into “Jahnstraße” and follow signs to “Chirurgie/DKFZ”.

Please note: There will be no cloakroom services at the CONTACT.