VERAXA Biotech GmbH

Produkte/Dienstleistungen:ADC Development and Antibody Screening
Standort(e):69124 Heidelberg, Carl-Friedrich-Gauß-Ring 5
Das Unternehmen:VERAXA is an early-stage biotechnology company with game changing functional antibody discovery and conjugation technology yielding ADCs at scale for the treatment of Cancer. Its proprietary high throughput droplet-based microfluidic platform can screen entire immune repertoires with millions of antibody secreting cells for antibody binding, functionality, and internalization on a single-cell level. VERAXA’s unique conjugation technology utilizes fastest bioorthogonal click chemistry coupled with genetic code expansion to precisely and efficiently conjugate payloads/oligos/ radionuclide at freely selectable antibody sites.
Gesuchte Fachrichtungen:Biosciences, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biochemistry, Physics,
Computer Sciences, Biotechnology
Gesuchte Abschlüsse:PostDoc, PhD, master, bachelor, technicians
Einstiegsmöglichkeiten:direct entry
Traineeprogramme (Zahl der Plätze /Jahr):No