Catenion GmbH

Branche:Life Science
Produkte/Dienstleistungen:Biopharma Strategy Consulting
Das Unternehmen:Catenion is a management consulting firm devoted to helping pharmaceutical and medical products companies create more innovative
and effective strategies. We draw on our deep understanding of industry trends, company dynamics and data analytics to help our clients
develop actionable competitive strategies and create the organisational climates that foster creativity and medical breakthroughs. At the
same time, we greatly improve how our clients assess the value and risk of their project and product portfolios and resource allocation.
We are currently expanding our Berlin team and are hiring all year round.
Angebotene Stellen pro Jahr:10
Gesuchte Fachrichtungen:Biochemistry, biosciences, bioinformatics, computer sciences,
pharmacy, medicine
Gesuchte Abschlüsse:PostDoc, PhD, master
Einstiegsmöglichkeiten:Postdoc & direct entry
Traineeprogramme (Zahl der Plätze /Jahr):No