Community Engagement and Donations

BioContact e.V. is actively supporting several charitable projects in and around Heidelberg.

As in previous years, the members of BioContact e.V. joined various sporting events not only to strengthen the team spirit but also to support fund-raising campaigns including those organized by the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) Heidelberg.


7th July 2017 - NCT-Charity Run

Together with over 4,500 other participants, the members of BioContact e.V. joined the 6th NCT-charity run to raise money for cancer research.  


22nd July 2017 – Dragon Boat Race

Participating in the 12th Dragon Boat Race organized by the Water Sports Club 1931 Heidelberg-Neuenheim e.V. (WSC) was not only a great teambuilding event, it was also lots of fun.


9th September 2017 – Rowing against Cancer

The charity regatta Rowing against Cancer is jointly organized by the foundation “Living with Cancer”, National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) Heidelberg, and the Rowing Society of Heidelberg 1898 e.V. (RGH). The proceeds of the charity regatta are for the benefit of the “movement and cancer” program established by the NCT.



Since 2014, BioContact e.V. is proudly supporting a day-care center for children, founded by the Klaus-Tschira-center of excellence for scientific education in early childhood, in Heidelberg Bahnstadt. The “Researchstation” is aiming to give children an understanding of scientific phenomena, thereby stimulating their curiosity and joy about life sciences.


WALDPIRATEN – “Forestpirates“

The “Forestpirates Camp“ is a facility run by the German Kinderkrebsstiftung, an organization that supports children with cancer as well as their families. The facility supported by BioContact e.V. offers affected children the opportunity to stay in a camp where the children can participate in different programs tailored to their particular needs, in order to cope with their diseases. In addition to adventure-based experiences such as climbing, hiking and canoeing, another major focus is put on group experiences.