CONTACT23 – Workshop Hesse/Schrader

Job application

Date: 10.05.2023
Time: 10:00 – 10:30
Location: DKFZ
Instructor: Dr Branko Woischwill
Language: English
Slots: 30
Application documents that are almost perfect in terms of content and form are the basic prerequisite for convincing HR managers.
The main thing is to be able to communicate your strengths and be able to answer these questions:
Why do you apply and what added value you offer the employer?

In this lecture you will learn the success factors of modern job applications.
You will also learn how to create an individual profile, how to design application documents and which application channels exist.

- The individual profile
- Professional documents - Cover letter, CV, attachments
- Online application standards - E-Mails, company websites, job portals
- Special forms of online application - App, social media, video