Workshop FIVE1: How to Analyse Connected Data

Workshop FIVE1: "How to Analyse Connected Data"

Speaker: Anna Schwarz & Hector Hiss

28.04.2021 12:30 - 14:30 Uhr 

​Language: English

Platform: Zoom

Participants: max. 10

A few years ago, the engineers of Facebook realized, that they had a problem. The old way of storing user’s data and of accessing them slowed down their infrastructure and their code. Therefore, in 2009, the engineers started to work on a database architecture which should achieve a better performance than the former relational database that was powered by Memcached for memory-caching and MySQL for permanent storage. They were building a graphics database which was the result of their attempts to develop a database which is specifically built to store, extend and provide the complex relationship between people, places and objects.

In this interactive workshop, you will take first steps with the graphics database Amazon Neptune in order to swiftly display, manage and request highly interconnected data. In addition, we would like to show you how graphics databases are used outside of big companies like Facebook. Finally, we will analyze a complex dataset with you by using a graphics database and we will apply an easy algorithm.

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