Panel discussion

This year at the CONTACT2021 we are offerering a stimulating panel discussion. The discussion will take place from 15:45 - 17:10 o'clock on stage I.

Transition Time – How to start a successful career in industry? - Our panel discussion with important representatives from the pharma/biotech industry will give you the perfect opportunity to get an answer to all the questions you have - directly from your possible future employer. 

Have you just finished your degree and want to directly find your dream job in industry, but you do not know how to get there? Or are wondering if you should already prepare your transition into industry with additional courses during your current position in academia? What do you need to know for your application and how will you be introduced to your new job within the first months in industry?

In our panel discussion, the representatives of these companies will respond your questions, so that you can directly compare their answers:

Do not miss these exceptional insights for your career start and participate in our panel discussion round at the CONTACT2021!