Partner Job Fairs

BioContact e.V. would like to thank all partner job fairs for their support.

inovailmenau – The Career Forum for Central Germany

Within the last 25 years, the inovailmenau has developed into the largest career forum in Central Germany and is also the biggest project of the SWING at TU Ilmenau e.V.. A specially assembled team of about 50 active members from different fields of study organizes the career forum annually. Together we bring this great project one step further every year!

In search for their dream job, students can make direct contact with exclusively selected local companies. Career opportunities open up in personal conversations. Company representatives have the opportunity to find competent specialist staff and draw attention to their own company.

We from the inovailmenau team want to break down the barriers between companies and prospective job candidates. Furthermore, we want to facilitate the mutual exchange between students and company representatives.

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For more than 30 years, konaktiva has been a student-organized company contact fair that takes place every year in May.

At the 2022 fair, you have the opportunity to find out about career opportunities, internships and much more from well-known companies from small ones to large DAX concerns as well as new start-ups. 

With us, every academic field and every degree is welcome. In addition to the classic company booths, there will also be opportunities to connect with company representatives during lectures, discussion panels and one-on-one meetings.

konaktiva 2022 will take place on May 10-12!