Information for Exhibitors

We offer the following services for exhibitors at the CONTACT2018 in the context of our exhibitor's package:

Promotional activities in advance:

Display of your company profile and logo in our fair catalog in English (incl. full-page advertisement in color) on a double page (edition of approx. 1700 copies, DIN-A5 format, all in four-color printing)

Display of your company with logo on our fair posters and in other advertising campaigns

Presentation of your company profile and logo on our homepage with additional hyperlink to your company webpage

If desired:

Publication of internship and job opportunities on our fair webpage

Publication of the current job opportunities or possibilities for unsolicited applications on our webpage as well as forwarding applications to your company


At the day of the job fair:

Booth space of approx. 8 m2 in the Communication Center of the DKFZ 

Tables and chairs, 220V power connection and movable partitions (if needed)

Internet access via WiFi (please provide hardware)

Full-day service incl. hot and cold drinks as well as food and lunch buffet

If desired:

Company presentation/ lecture of a duration of max. 30 minutes (incl. discussion) in the lecture halls of the Communication Center DKFZ

Performing workshops on topics relating job and entry into professional career

Publication of current internship and job vacancies on our CONTACT2018 job wall (max. 5 DIN-A4 pages per exhibitor)

Provision of rooms for conducting a job interview


Further details about the career fair can be found here or just send us an email: info [at]