Gotthardt Healthgroup AG

Gotthardt Healthgroup AG

Hauptstr. 90
69117 Heidelberg


Industry sector: Software for Healthcare
Products/services: Software, called GHG Praxisdienst and application called Mediteo
Location(s): Hauptstr. 90, 69117 Heidelberg (Germany)
Date of foundation: 2015
Number of employees: 40
About the company/organisation:

The Gotthardt Healthgroup AG develops digital solutions for the healthcare industry – and we are more than ready for great challenges and new growth. 

We are a young company that aims to permanently improve German healthcare and drive the digitalization of health systems. As a reliable partner we sustainably support all the participants in the health sector by improving their workflows, processes and behaviors. In addition, we offer significant insights about modern approaches to treatment. Funders, nursing staff, patients and relatives are already profiting from these new approaches.

Jobs offered per year: 30
Area of expertise:

Biological Sciences, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutics, Medicine, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Computer Sciences

Last degree: PostDoc, PhD, Master, Bachelor,  technical assistance
Desired additional skills: -
Career opportunities: Direct entry unlimited
Trainee program: No
Contact address:

Julia Hepp
HR & Executive Assistant 
Gotthardt Healthgroup AG
Hauptstraße 90 | D-69117 Heidelberg
Office phone +49 (0) 6221 4352937