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Branche: Pharmaceutical
Produkte/Dienstleistungen: Novo Nordisk is a Danish global healthcare company with more than 90 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care.
Standort(e): Headquartered in Denmark, Novo Nordisk has affiliates and offices in 77 countries.
Gründungsdatum: 1923
Mitarbeiterzahl: 41,700
Das Unternehmen: Since the company was founded in Denmark more than 90 years ago, we have been changing diabetes. This heritage has given us experience and capabilities that also enable us to help people defeat other serious chronic conditions: haemophilia, growth disorders and obesity. Our ambition is to take the lead in each of these areas, driving change with an unfailing belief that it can be done.
Our key contribution is to discover and develop better biological medicines, manufacture them to meet increasing global demand and make them accessible wherever they are needed. We are committed to finding the next generation of medicines and long-term investments in innovation have made us experts in the field of modern biotechnology.

Producing life-saving medicines is a significant responsibility: millions of people depend on us. However, to defeat a serious chronic condition, we need to do more than supply the right medicine.

Angebotene Stellen pro Jahr: 60000
Gesuchte Fachrichtungen:

Biowissenschaften , Biochemie , Biotechnologie , Chemie, Pharmazie , Medizin, Mathematik,  Ingenieurwissenschaften, Informatik 

Gesuchte Abschlüsse: PostDoc, PhD, Master, Bachelor
Zusatzqualifikationen (soft skills): We look for innovative, dedicated and internationally-minded employees. We have an inclusive culture where employees feel empowered and consensus is valued. Our commitment to quality and our focus on maintaining high ethical standards goes hand in hand with living up to our responsibilities to shareholders, patients and society.
Einstiegsmöglichkeiten: Internships, Graduate Programmes, PhD and Post Doc sponsorship, and normal entry level positions.
Traineeprogramme: Ja
Kontakt: Corporate Headquarters

Novo Nordisk A/S
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