Kaiser-Wilhelm-Allee 50, Gebäude K9
51368 Leverkusen


Branche: Health care and agriculture
Produkte/Dienstleistungen: Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies in the Life Science fields of health care and agriculture.
Standort(e): The Bayer Group is a global enterprise with companies in 96 countries.
Global headquarters are in Leverkusen, Germany.
Gründungsdatum: 1863
Mitarbeiterzahl: 118,196
Das Unternehmen Bayer is a world-class Life Science company with a more than 150-year history. Our products are helping to address some of today’s biggest challenges, including global population growth, an aging society and the need to make efficient – and, wherever possible, sustainable – use of natural resources.

We are improving people’s quality of life by preventing, alleviating or curing diseases.
We are helping to provide an adequate supply of high-quality food, feed and renewable plant-based raw materials.

At the same time, our innovations form the basis for sustainable and profitable business activity and are the
key to maintaining or achieving leadership positions in all of our markets.

Bayer is the only global company simultaneously researching improvements in human, animal and plant health. Systematic and intensive collaboration among researchers from the Life Science fields of healthcare and agriculture is providing new impetus.

Angebotene Stellen pro Jahr: 1200
Gesuchte Fachrichtungen:

Biowissenschaften / Biological Sciences

Biochemie / Biochemistry

Biotechnologie / Biotechnology

Chemie / Chemistry

Pharmazie / Pharmaceutics

Medizin / Medicine

Mathematik / Mathematics

Physik / Physics

Ingenieurwissenschaften / Engineering

Informatik / Computer Sciences

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Zusatzqualifikationen (soft skills): • Communicative & team-oriented
• Customer-focused & cooperative
• Intercultural (overseas study/experience)
• Independent & results-driven
• Trustworthy & enthusiastic
• Keen to get involved & learn
• Flexible & mobile
Traineeprogramme (Zahl der Plätze /Jahr): Ja (10 Stellen pro Jahr)